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Vehicle Rust Protection

Rust Protection:

"Sym-Tech has been serving the automotive appearance and protection products needs of over 550 new car dealerships in Canada for over 35 years.

The Sym-Tech® dealer products are manufactured with the utmost effort and care are taken to provide the highest quality products. Our products continue to lead the way in environmental responsibility and workplace safety. Our dealer service network features a highly experienced group of professionals to back up our quality products with reliable service.

All Sym-Tech® dealer products are backed by a fully insured lifetime product performance warranty for new vehicles. Sym-Tech products and insured warranty programs are exclusively endorsed by the Ontario Automobile Dealers Services, a division of the Ontario Automobile Dealers Association."

Why Rust Proof?

  • Today's unibody vehicles are far safer than the old "body on frame" cars of the past, but only when they're new! Once corrosion takes hold, it's a very different story.
  • In North America's severe corrosion areas, and around the world, someone dies needlessly in a survivable accident because of hidden corrosion in the vehicle's unibody safety cage causing the safety design to fail.
  • It is natural for steel to return to it's original state of rust. Protect your vehicle and slow down the rusting process.

Your unibody safety cage is made from thin sheet steel, about the same thickness as a can of soup. Surprisingly, this is exactly what makes them so safe. There are dozens of these thin steel compartments between you and the front of your car. Each one is spot welded together and to the ajoining sections. In a crash, they crush, one after another, each section absorbing some of the energy, so that by the time (micro-seconds) the energy reaches the passenger compartment, it is largely dissipated. That's what happens when they're new, and Transport Canada and the USA's NHTSA test and rate all new cars before their first use. When they are tested there is no rust.

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